Duluth Coffee Co.

The Duluth Coffee Company is committed to roasting good coffee and getting it into the hands of good people. Their coffee is roasted in a drum roaster in small batches, allowing it to be roasted in a way that is specific to origin, varietal and at origin processing. All of the coffee that is sourced comes from growers and producers that are quality-focused and agriculturally conscious. The coffees offered by the Duluth Coffee Company are from small single estates or small cooperatives of farmers. These are farmers that take an interest in the quality of their product resulting in a price that is more than and sometimes two times the Fair Trade price. The Duluth Coffee Company strives to develop relationships that create financial longevity for the farmers and a continued increase in quality for the consumers. The Duluth Coffee Company is committed to paying a premium for coffee to farmers that are committed to producing a unique high quality product.

In 2011, the Duluth Coffee Company opened as a boutique wholesale roaster offering single origin coffees from individual farms and co-ops. In October of 2012, the Duluth Coffee Company moved its roasting operation to downtown Duluth and centered the roaster in a retail café. The café portion of the company has allowed them to showcase their coffees in an environment and style that everyone can enjoy.

Coffee is their passion and roasting their craft. The Duluth Coffee Company strives to provide all customers with the best quality product possible. They use their experience and knowledge to continue to provide quality coffee and to cultivate an appreciation for everything that it takes to produce good coffee.

Stop by Duluth Kitchen Company any day for free samples of various roasts brewed in our Technivorm Moccamaster.